Somebody mixed my medecine!..
Ну, всё.

A prophecy foretold that Iydo would be the only one who could defeat the evil Aslan.

Iydo and Aslan in hand to hand combat.

Aslan and Iydo wearing each other's clothes.

Iydo is a barista at Aslan's favorite coffee shop.

Iydo comforting a sad Aslan.

Iydo discovers Aslan's terrible secret.

Iydo helping Aslan with chores.

Aslan and Iydo as rivals in a competition or contest. Aslan wins.

Iydo gets a contract to assassinate Aslan.

Iydo and Aslan fight over the last portion of delicious food.

Iydo has offended Aslan in some way but doesn't realize it.

Iydo is a demon summoned by wizard Aslan to do their bidding.

Aslan, a knight in shining armor, must rescue the distressed Iydo.

Aslan is a member of the royal family and Iydo is a lowly peasant.

Iydo confronting Aslan about something bad they have done.

Aslan and Iydo are in an arranged marriage, but Iydo doesn't want to go through with it.

Aslan sees Iydo at a local café and falls in love. They are too shy to approach them.

Aslan is too nervous to approach Iydo, and only admires them from afar.

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